I had just uploaded the newest comic when I realized I had made the speech bubble pointing to the wrong person. So I went back into flash and fixed it, but when I tried to upload the edited version, it said that uploading that would cause repeated posts, even though I had just deleted the old version. I tried to delete it and try again and the same message came up. I tried to do it a few more times, but all I succeeded in doing was deleting the comic before it. I tried uploading the one I had deleted on accident and got the same “repeated posts” Message. By this time I felt like I wanted to murder someone, so I gave up. A little bit later I found out that some of my tinkering had put both of the comics on the site, but only available to admin users. Not knowing what to do next, I gave up again. Eventually I asked dad and he fixed it, but I still think comic press needs to be simplified so much that a two year old could do it. That’s about all I’m capable of.