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From left to right: Mole, Lancelot, Flop, Terry, Taffy, Pizza Rat, and Leo. Snout and Ned are on top.

Taffy: He’s the brains of the group, as well as the tallest and oldest. He lives with the others in Terry’s mansion. Taffy is an only child. He has a tendency to go on psycho rampages every few months…

Terry: Terry is actually a bit smarter than Taffy, but he has no common sense whatsoever. He used to live in an average house with his mom, but when his mom got stranded in Italy and Flop destroyed his house he got a mansion and lives with Taffy and Flop in it. He has a brother and a sister who both live in other countries.

Flop: After being driven away from his planet under circumstances that are still slightly unclear, Flop came to Earth, right into Terry’s backyard. Now he inadvertently ruins everything he touches, but makes it a whole lot more entertaining at the same time. His alter-ego is Census Man, the questionnaire super hero.

Ned: Ned has had just about every job ever invented, which makes him a great background character.

Snout: Snout is a tiny thing, but he’s a lot older than he looks.(It’s hard to tell by the way he acts) He owns the land that Rats ‘n Cats is built on. He’s Census Man’s side kick, Servey Dude.

Pizza Rat: Pizza Rat and his uncle, Leo Rattner, are two cats that invented something that would later be called “the nuclear pizza of death”, or just “death pizza” for short. This pizza was so dangerous that they were forced to flee the country. They now own the Rats ‘n Cats Pizzeria in Taffy, Terry, and Flop’s town.

Lancelot: Lancelot lives in his own little world. He’s an axolotl, Flop’s best friend, and is unable to speak English, though he understands it quite well. He’s Census Man’s arch enemy, Mr. X.

Leo: Pizza Rat’s uncle, Leo runs the local Pizzeria, Rats ‘n Cats. He used to live in Italy, but got kicked out of the country. He has a deep grudge against Stole and Dole.

Mole: Though it’s not clear how he’s related to Dole and Stole, he claims to be their younger brother. This little white dog is somewhat of a bully, making Flop and Lancelot fear him. He’s surprisingly good at sewing costumes…

Dole and Stole: Somehow, these two are twin brothers. Though he appears to have no eyes, Stole can actually see quite well. Dole has the strange ability to set things on fire with his mind.